Combining the highest quality recording equipment with a creative & friendly atmosphere.

Our Derbyshire Recording Studio

Our Equipment

The Tech

We run a 24 Channel Soundcraft mixing desk through industry standard Motu Audio interfaces which gives your audio a warm, analog quality before being recorded directly into Pro Tools.  Our monitoring comes from Yamaha HS8’s which have been fine tuned to our isolated control room.

Our Live Room

Our spacious live room is equipped with a full drum kit, guitar & bass amplifiers, bongos & an acoustic piano to name a few. It is isolated to create a warm, beautiful vintage sound.

The Microphones

To get the highest quality recordings for your sound, we only use industry standard microphones which are hand picked to complement your sound. We use microphones from Rode, AKG, Shure, Avantone & Audix to name a few.

Our Analog Outboard Gear

To get the best mix possible for your audio, we use analog processing to create the exact sound you want. We have outboard gear from Lexicon, Yamaha, DBX, Warm Audio & Chandler.

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