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Students & Parents Of Lime Tree Music Centre

Welcome to Lime Tree Music Centre and thank you for choosing us to provide your music lessons.

At Lime Tree Music Centre we care about the musical growth of every student and tailor our lessons to suit the individual.
We understand that people learn in different ways and have different interests, ambitions and skill sets. We are proud to provide a team of tutors with many years of experience specialising in live performance, recorded music and one-to-one tuition. We are pleased to help and guide any aspiring musician toward their goals whether creative, academic, performance or technique based.

We encourage regular parent/tutor communication to ensure the best educational progress. All of our tutors have up to date DBS certificates which are displayed on the premises.

Please note that all of our tutors are performing musicians and may need to rearrange lessons from time to time. We will always strive to give sufficient notice in these cases to try and find an alternative lesson time for you.

We ask that you read through the following terms and conditions carefully

These terms set out an agreement between Lime Tree Music Centre Limited and the student if above the age of 18 or relevant parent or guardian of the student below the age of 18 years old.

Terms and conditions of tuition


  • Pupils are expected to arrive on time for their lessons with any lesson materials required of them. Pupils and parents/guardians must enter the building quietly and wait to be seen by a member of the team. Private lessons are held on the premises and shouldn’t be interrupted.
  • Pupils are expected to practice weekly tasks set for them during lessons, pupils must practice the amount requested by the tutor in order to progress.
  • Our tutors know best. All of our tutors have extensive experience in helping a huge variety of children and adults alike. Whilst we encourage and appreciate parental input and communication, we do not tolerate interference with our educational processes. If a parent or guardian has a genuine concern it must be discussed with the appropriate tutor or director of Lime Tree Music Centre immediately.
  • Students are expected to behave in a civil manner during lessons. Any unacceptable behavior will result in cessation of the lesson in progress and the relevant parent/guardian will be contacted. Lessons will be charged as usual and documented. Please see our in house code of conduct for details.
  • Lesson durations are either 30 minutes or 1 hour long unless agreed upon otherwise.


  • Lesson resource purchases such as books, drumsticks, plectrums and other necessary equipment are usually the responsibility of the student, parent or guardian however basic resources will be recommended by the tutor and can mostly be purchased on the premises.

Lesson resources designed and constructed in house by our tutors are subject to copyright. You agree not to publish or distribute any materials without prior written consent from us.


  • Lessons can be paid for individually on a weekly basis or in blocks of four and must be paid for either in advance or at the time of the lesson.
    Appropriate methods of payment are cash, bank transfer or debit card transaction. Lime Tree Music Centre Limited will no longer accept payments made by cheque as of 26.09.2018.

By opting to pay in a block format you will be offered a reduced rate for the agreed amount of sessions which are paid for in advance. Once tuition has commenced there are no refunds offered for the cancellation of sessions prior to completion of the course paid for however you may choose to cancel your Agreement Of Tuition within seven days in which case you will be refunded any remaining sessions. The course paid for is, however, flexible in terms of holidays or other commitments (made by student or tutor) providing sufficient notice is provided.


  • Any extensive planned absence from private lessons, to include school holidays, must be discussed with the appropriate tutor with at least one month’s notice before the absence. This is to ensure we can gather resources and make appropriate practice plans and compromises for pupils during their time off. Any extensive time off during the course of private tuition without proper planning can set back and hinder students progress as well as damage technique, morale and other valuable skills that have been developed. This will inevitably cost the bill payer more. It is our job to help students achieve goals that they, themselves have set and wish to acquire. Please also bare in mind that private tuition works very differently from classroom education and provides a specialised purpose carefully strategized, by us to suit the individual.

Please see our cancellations policy below for information regarding lesson cancellations.


  • Our tutors can never be responsible for chaperoning minors off the premises. Neither can they be held responsible for a students personal possessions whilst on or off the premises.
  • All of our tutors are self employed, whilst they are strictly contracted to the terms and conditions of tuition and behaviour on the premises, Lime Tree Music Centre Limited accepts no liability for any action of gross misconduct by a tutor against a client.

Cancellations Policy

We have a strict 24 hours notice cancellation policy for any late notice appointment cancelation in effect as of 26/09/2018.
We require 24 hours notice for all appointment cancellations including one to one music lessons, rehearsal room bookings and recording dates. This is to ensure your time slot does not get wasted. Please also bare in mind that there can be considerable preparation made by the tutor prior to a lesson as well as travel time and cost to the tutor.

Should you fail to provide us with sufficient cancellation notice you will be invoiced the full amount of the session in question and be expected to pay via bank transfer, cash or card transaction within two weeks of the invoice date.
Emergency cancellations are taken into consideration and billed at the discretion of Lime Tree Music Centre Limited.

To cancel a booking you may contact Lime Tree Music Centre directly via telephone call, voicemail or in a written message such as text or email. Should you be unable to get in touch you may then attempt to contact your tutor.

Customer Satisfaction Policy – Tuition

  • When a course of lessons has been pre-paid for, if the student, parent or guardian is not satisfied with the quality of lessons or with the assigned tutor, Lime Tree Music Centre Limited will endeavour to find a replacement tutor. If a replacement tutor of the level required by the student, parent or guardian cannot be assigned then a refund will be offered for pre-paid lessons of which the student has not received tuition.
  • If you are not satisfied by any aspect of our tuition or your experience at Lime Tree Music Centre we politely ask that you take the time to discuss the problem with us, will always endeavour to find a solution.