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Lime Tree Music Centre Now Taking Card Payments

After much umming, ahing and most importantly, suggestions from our visitors, we are delighted to announce that we are now taking card payments at Lime Tree Music Centre!

A Convenient Alternative To Cash

We did it, we took the plunge and got ourselves an iZettle card reader. It’s been great fun setting it up and testing it out over the weekend. Having a card reader on the premises enables faster transactions and is also more hygienic, as we’re not fiddling about with change. It even accepts contactless card payments, making things even easier.

Don’t worry, we are still accepting cash payments, the card reader is just a new addition.

What Can I Pay For On Card?

Everything that we stock, pretty much. Rehearsal time, studio time, lesson blocks and everything that we have in our little shop. We will be stocking up on some very special items in the near future too, so keep your eyes on our Facebook, Twitter and/or Instagram pages for those!

Why iZettle?

We have noticed more and more small businesses using iZettle card readers for their transactions, so we did some research and jumped onboard. Our iZettle Reader 2, along with the iZettle app, provides a fast and stable service. It also records sales, gives us the option to email or SMS a receipt, which reduces waste paper and the spread of germs. The app is a great feature too. Setting up the app and adding products to it was a breeze. It’s pretty much a shop counter on a phone and it looks snazzy too!

Have A Question About Our New Card Reader?

If you have a question about our new card reader, suggestions, testimonials, criticism, or just want to say hello. Head on over to our contact page and send us a message using the form!