Meet the friendly, wonderful tutors of Lime Tree Music Centre. With many years of collective experience playing and teaching music. Building solid relationships with each student in a comfortable environment, we are confident in saying that we have some of the best music tutors in Matlock.

Harry Redfern

The man who started it all, our boss and Head Drum Tutor, Harry! With thirteen years of drum tuition and live performance under his belt and more to say than ever, Harry has an obsession with everything drums and percussion. Constantly littering Lime Tree Music Centre with his various tuition books and quirky percussive artifacts. Harry often stays up late after hours at the studio in his happy place, behind his drum kit. Inspired by many musical styles, Harry currently plays and records with Yorkshire’s finest “Reyt Metal” thrash outfit “Psython” as well as Derbyshire function band “Hello Gyro”.

Brian Wilshere

Brian Wilshere is an orchestral composer and percussion player with many years of teaching experience under his belt. Brian has been part of the Lime Tree Music Centre team since 2019, teaching drums and percussion. His music has been compared to that of the American minimalists such as fellow percussionist Steve Reich. However, Brian has a distinctive and individual style, which combines the influences of minimalism and world music with a feeling for dramatic structures and a very English melodic sense.

Chris Mather

Classical pianist and multi instrumentalist, Chris is our second longest standing tutor at Lime Tree Music Centre. Teaching lessons in a variety of instruments, such as piano, saxophone, clarinet, guitar, mandolin and theory to name a few. Chris is a very knowledgeable and, understandably, very busy tutor. Many years of teaching, playing and disciplined practice routines have gotten Chris to his current level.

Corinne Hope

Corinne began teaching vocal lessons at Lime Tree Music Centre in December 2018. Demonstrating remarkable range and technique, Corinne is an extremely knowledgeable tutor with a background education of classical as well as rock and pop singing and years of experience in live performance. Corinne provides an incredibly friendly lesson atmosphere and teaches students of all ages and backgrounds the discipline and confidence needed to be an accomplished singer. Implementing proper breathing, techniques and tailored lesson plans designed for each individual student’s needs. She is also the vocalist for the function band “Hello Gyro” and we’re thrilled to have her on board!

Douglas Shipstone

Douglas “Dug” has been working here at Lime Tree Music Centre since October of 2018, teaching piano, guitar, music production and brass. The piano was Dug’s, first instrument, starting around the age of 10. But after seeing a brass band in his school, they inspired him to learn the trombone. Dug gained experience playing in various jazz and brass bands during his school years. Dug is a member of the fabulous function band “Hello Gyro“, along with tutors Harry, Corinne and Pete. He also plays trombone in Sheffield based, alternative funk rockers, “I Set The Sea On Fire“.

Pete Jenkins

Leading from a BA in Music Production from York St John University, as well as being a professional audio engineer. Pete has years of experience in guitar and bass tuition. Working mainly as a Music Leader in primary schools, Pete formed an interest in teaching music from a young age while empowering a creative way of learning. With Grade 8 in both Classical & Electric guitar, while playing bass for 7 years in professional live band “I Set The Sea On Fire” and “Hello Gyro“. Pete has now joined the Lime Tree Music Centre team to continue his love of teaching music in new and exciting ways. Pete is also one of our Recording Studio Engineers, adding his unique sound to many of our recording projects too.

Ben Davies

The newest addition to the Lime Tree Music Centre team, Ben Davies has taken up drum tuition duties here at Lime Tree Music Centre Ltd. He has a degree in music performance through DrumTech in London. He has since played in numerous projects from rock bands such as Hitchcock Blonde, to 18 piece folk outfit The Quill, both live and in the studio and also various wedding and function bands. He is passionate about music, bikes and lives an active outdoor lifestyle, always with dogs in tow!

Interested In Meeting Our Tutors?

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