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The dream of a drummer to have his own sanctuary to wreak cacophonous havoc seven days a week, all hours of day or night. Being able to pass ‘secret knowledge’ on to those who are seeking to accept it, enjoy a daily soundscape of experiments, blemishes, triumphs, frustrations and creations facilitating a means of maximum challenge, discovery, opportunity, creativity and satisfaction…. All in a desperate attempt to avoid conventional employment!!

Hatched originally from a number of environmental observations, frustrations and inevitabilities. The small yet ever growing and evolving Lime Tree Music Centre continues to go from strength to strength today attracting more students, bands, artists, tutors and friends than ever before.

Original ideaster, long time performer and drum tutor, self declared “Chairman of the Board” Harry Redfern first conjured up the idea of a local central music hub whilst musing and pondering away in his mum and dad’s bustling local countryside watering hole. Decompressing, having completed yet another tangled band rehearsal squashed together in an upstairs bedroom above the pub, using an old beaten electronic drum set, running microphones out of small untrustworthy guitar practice amplifiers, having to put up with regular interruptions and generally achieving nothing but stress, he began to think out loud… 

“Wouldn’t it be marvelous?”

Seeking help and advice from the Prince’s Trust and after completing the necessary legwork: Premises, funds and materials were finally secured and, with a lot of help from friends, family and supporters an idea began to spring to life.

Time goes on and Lime Tree Music Centre has grown into itself and has naturally developed a friendly but vibrant ‘living room’ type atmosphere. A brilliant team of experienced performers and tutors offer ample assistance, expertise and guidance wherever needed to help all the musicians at LTMC to feel and relaxed and confident whilst they learn and create.

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