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Opening Updates For January

Dear Parents, Students and Customers

Please find here our position on reopening again in the new year under the recently announced Tier 4 restrictions.

As most regulating bodies are still on annual leave and offices closed until 4th January, it has been difficult for us to find the information we need to make an informed decision on whether or not we can open again under Tier 4. Here’s what we currently know:

  • Private music lesson facilities are allowed to operate for face to face lessons under all four tiers providing a risk assessment takes place and all necessary precautions are in order. Music lessons must support the “formal curriculum”.
  • Under Tier 4, recording studios and rehearsal rooms can accept bookings on a professional basis only. This means that only working bands and artists with deadlines and official paid bookings to meet may be allowed to book out our rehearsal and recording facilities under covid safe conditions in Tier 4.

This information comes directly from the MU, ISM and web pages however has not been updated since 22nd December. We have therefore decided to re-open for face to face lessons from Wednesday 6th January to give official bodies time to update any further relevant info on 4th/5th Jan. We are expecting disruptions throughout the first term of lessons and are dealing with things as best we can, we thank you all for being patient and understanding through this situation.

We will be continuing to offer our online music lesson services for those who cannot attend face to face lessons and we will be contacting all students before 6th Jan to arrange bookings.

Happy new year! All the very best.