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Dark Optics – A Musical Project Created By Lime Tree Music Centre Regular And Audio Production Tutor, Luke Davies

Dark Optics is influenced by all genres and eras, ranging from Trip-hop, Rock, Instrumental Hip-hop and Experimental Down-tempo music. Often incorporating spoken word poetry and elements of world music to contain distinct and consistent melodic ideas throughout.

From Humble Beginnings

Dark Optics’ first album Stare Down The Sun was released in the summer of 2015, with the second album Remember When following in Spring 2017.

Both albums have their own themes, Stare Down The Sun being about love and all the things that come with that. Bad and good. Remember When is about human memory.

Both albums have been re-released on Spotify and all major digital platforms and certain songs can already be found on YouTube (including a couple of music videos) and SoundCloud.

Look To The Future

Luke is currently working on new music for Dark Optics that draws from more Industrial, Drum and Bass and Rock/Metal elements, as well as including that staple Trip-hop and Down tempo sound from previous releases.

Luke is also remixing a few old tracks, including some of Lime Tree Music Centre regulars; One Drop Pony’s songs. These will be using various Dub/Reggae techniques and will slowly start to surface on the YouTube channel and Facebook page. Read an interview that we did with One Drop Pony, back in August here.


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